Zane Davey

Community Planner - BA, MUP

e | [email protected] t | 403 692 4357

Having recently completed a Master in Urban Planning, under the Urban Design and Urban Development concentration at McGill University’s School of Urban Planning, Zane is a passionate urbanist who has recently joined B&A Planning Group. 

With a deep family connection to the Canadian prairies, Zane’s Indigenous heritage and passion for the public realm has influenced his interest in planning with reconciliation and vulnerable peoples in mind. His graduate studies’ research aligned with urban governance structures and urban design, particularly that of livable and inclusive urban developments. More specifically, Zane researched both Indigenous-municipal relations and urban reserves in hopes of establishing a greater understanding of urban indigeneity and the process of decolonizing Canadian cities and space. 

With an extensive background in research-based analysis, public engagement, and non-profit community endeavors, Zane’s aspirations and curiosity continue to push him towards fostering equitable and caring communities.