Terry Metatawabin

Indigenous Strategist and Advisor

e | terrym@equanstrategies.ca t | 403-692-4527

As a Fort Albany First Nation Cree member from Northern Ontario with education in Civil Engineering, professional work experience as Executive Director, as well Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for a large regional Tribal Council (Mushkegowuk Tribal Council), Terry provides clients with adverse skills to contribute to their needs and goals. His other past work experiences include with the Federal Government in Capital Planning and Project Management in the private sector with an International ProjectManagement firm.

Over the past twelve (12) plus years, Terry has been involved in various leadership roles to support First Nation political organizations with their governance mandate, vision, goals and objectives. Terry is very knowledgeable of operational requirements and policies and procedures and also strong understanding of provincial and federal regulations related to First Nations project development plans. Terry has implemented over $100 million dollars in economic initiatives, special and capital projects.

Working in the area of community project development & strategic planning has given Terry wealth of professional work experience in coordination, project/executive management and technical advisory support. Terry is very familiar with physical and challenging work, as well as being a team player. Terry also possesses strong communication skills, risk assessment abilities, cultural understanding of protocols, and traditional knowledge.