JP Leclair

Senior GIS Technologist - BSc

e | t | 403 692 5228 f | 403 262 4480

As Senior Geographic Information System (GIS) Technologist, JP is charged with the development of our GIS Program to support project diversification, advanced analysis, business development, and internal business needs. He works closely with urban and regional planners as well as planning technicians to effectively integrate GIS into a wide range of development proposals and projects.

JP has a solid understanding of the role of GIS in the land acquisition and development process from an organizational as well as a project by project perspective. His most recent work experience is with a land acquisition and development company in the private sector. Other experiences include City of Calgary Parks GIS asset management team member, aerial laser survey analyst, and GIS technician for an Oil and Gas company. He has strong technical knowledge and abilities in the creation, management, analysis and output of spatial data.