Blaise Fontaine

Engagement Specialist

e | t | 403.692.5231

Blaise has dedicated her education and career to becoming a specialized professional in stakeholder engagement and community relations. Her professional experience spans over 8 years of serving diverse communities, energy companies, corporate stakeholders, government ministries and non-profits.

Blaise’s greatest passion is bringing together companies and stakeholders to implement meaningful engagement strategies based on their respective priorities. She has managed the development and delivery of multi-project, long-term community engagement plans, and has experience using a range of methods to engage stakeholders, including town hall meetings, advisory groups, workshops, and face-to-face community outreach. Blaise has a talent for gathering and distilling feedback from stakeholders and presenting summary reports of project challenges, milestones, and successes – transforming engagement practices into business intelligence.

Blaise is recognized for her ability to contribute to the growth of businesses and communities through responsive engagement and authentic partnerships. Her interpersonal skills and high degree of accountability have enabled her to excel in public engagement, which is complemented by her strength for initiating and building new relationships with all types of stakeholders with confidence and ease.

Associated Projects

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