Stemming from our deep understanding of municipal planning and land development processes across Canada, B&A Energy has developed a suite of customized planning approaches and solutions to meet the unique needs of energy sector clients.

Our integrated team of accredited professionals with expertise in project management, land use and development planning, communications, and geographic information systems has enabled us to develop a suite of customized services for energy providers ranging from planning and development approvals to customized land use planning and development monitoring programs.

From pipelines to co-generation facilities to solar power initiatives, we have provided value-generating solutions in partnership with some of the most well-respected energy companies across North America.


  • Integrated Mapping and GIS Solutions
  • Land Analysis and Due Diligence Investigations
  • Master Planning and Design
  • Land Use, Subdivision & Development Approvals
  • Inter-Jurisdictional Regulatory Coordination
  • Stakeholder Communications and Engagement
  • Integrated Land Use Management Systems to Support Change Monitoring / Reporting
  • Specialized Planning Evaluations to Support Pipeline Routing / Upgrade Decisions
  • Baseline Class Location Assessment Area Evaluations

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