Wyldewood Estates

Land Use Amendment


B&A Planning Group is working with Morguard Residential Properties Inc. on a Land Use Amendment application to support the sustainable revitalization of Wyldewood Estates.

The development, situated within walking distance of the Southland LRT station and the Macleod Trail Corridor, is poised to be a key catalyst for regenerative development within this important area of Calgary. The land use amendment was carefully thought through with a focus on initiating a new direction for the sustainable revitalization of the Wyldewood site. It began with a vision of recognizing the site’s excellent location in close proximity to major transportation infrastructure and the desire to create a better relationship with the community, with the objective to increase density while providing a quality public realm, and the introduction of new local retail services and public amenities through considered design.

The goals of the project are to bring further density to the area well served by transit and to transform and vastly improve the experience and utility of the public realm. Provision of new, sustainable multi-residential rental accommodation on the scale of the Wyldewood proposal is truly unique and will contribute to a spirit of renewal for this community. It was recognized early on that the existing public realm had limited utility or appeal and served neither the development or the rest of the community well. Careful consideration of the placement of the towers in relationship to the surrounding community and the creation of a public space that creates inviting public plazas and opportunities for recreation and community interaction were fundamental to the vision for the sustainable revitalization of Wyldewood Estates.


Team members on the project

Vern Hart
Steve Morris