Westcon Gateway Business Park

Land Use Amendment and Conceptual Scheme

B&A Planning Group is providing planning services to prepare a comprehensive local area plan and land use amendment application for the owners of an approximately 160-acre parcel of land within the Conrich Area Structure Plan Area. The intent is to guide the development of a new highway business/industrial area, titled Westcon Gateway, and to provide an additional high-level planning framework for the balance of the lands contained within the plan area.

B&A is undertaking the planning process to maximize the site’s ideal locational and transportation advantages and focus on advancing regional commercial development opportunities. Through the development of a Conceptual Scheme and supporting technical studies, B&A is assisting the client to fully realize the highest and best use of the subject land.

The application is expected to be submitted to Rocky View County in Fall 2018.


The subject lands, along with the adjacent parcel of land to the south are identified in the Conrich ASP as ‘84 Street Local Plans B’ and are identified for Highway Business/Industrial uses.


A thorough stakeholder and public engagement process will be implemented to consult with adjacent landowners and a public open house will be held for the broader public to learn about the project, ask questions and provide feedback. We anticipate the public open house to be held in September 2018.

Please check back for project updates.

Team members on the project

Tamille Beynon
Steve Morris