Area Structure Plan

B&A Planning Group worked with Pollyco Development Ltd., Douglas Development, and private landowners on the preparation and application for approval of the Waterford Area Structure Plan (ASP), comprising approximately 492 acres (199 hectares) of land in southwest Chestermere.

Identified as the ‘south community’ within the Waterbridge Master Area Structure Plan (MASP), the Waterford ASP refines the broader policies found within the MASP and provides the land use and servicing framework to guide development of the subject lands.

The vision for the Waterford ASP is to develop a unique and complete community that creates a distinct sense of place by embracing a waterscape theme and creating attractive activity nodes that encourage people to gather, socialize, and fulfill their daily needs. Predominantly a residential community, Waterford will contain a mix of land uses that ensures variation in the urban landscape and promotes a community that is livable and healthy. A central Neighbourhood Node and a Village Centre will offer a variety of services to the community and are connected through a continuous regional pathway and open space system. The waterscape vision will be integrated within key activity areas to enhance community amenities and promote interaction with naturalized and water-themed areas.

The Waterford Area Structure Plan was approved by the City of Chestermere in October 2016.