Waterbridge – Gateway

Gateway Area Structure Plan

Following B&A’s successful development and approval of the Waterbridge Master Area Structure Plan (MASP) by the Council of the City of Chestermere in February 2014, our firm represented WestCreek Developments and United Communities in the preparation and application for approval of the Chestermere Gateway Area Structure Plan (ASP).

The Waterbridge Gateway ASP includes approximately 512 ha (+1266 ac) of land within the Waterbridge MASP and was developed upon the following key sustainable design elements:

  • Complete Communities that accommodate a broad range of housing together with commercial, institutional, recreational uses that support and complement these communities
  • A vibrant Activity Centre along Chestermere Boulevard which will provide a shopping, living and employment focus for the City
  • An Interconnected Road Network which will link the communities with the services and amenities in the area
  • Integration of major wetlands identified in the area into the urban fabric of the communities
  • An extensive pathway system that connects open space features such as canals, wetponds and linear parks to a regional pathway running north to south through the communities

Development of the ASP involved input from many different interests and involved extensive public engagement, including  a development tour in September 2014, public open houses and workshops.

The Gateway ASP was approved by the City of Chestermere Council in February 2016.

Team members on the project

Ken Venner
Pam MacInnis
Ela Skrzypek