Master Plan with Integrated LID Principles

B&A spearheaded the visioning, master planning and approvals for both the Area Structure Plan and the Outline Plan and Land Use Redesignations for Walden located in Calgary, Alberta. The 620 acre L-shaped community is conceived as two Residential Neighbourhoods anchored by a strong mixed-use higher density Urban Core in the center. The Neighborhoods and the Core are connected by Open Space which acts as a common thread through the community. At build-out, Walden is projected to accommodate approximately 4,200 units, housing over 12,000 Calgarians.

The two residential neighbourhoods include a range of housing types to support a compact urban form with more than 50% of the units developed as multifamily residential.

The interconnected Open Space system meanders through treed areas and integrates LID measures with stormwater management, supporting biodiversity and providing amenities to Walden residents.

The Urban Core is envisioned as a mixed-use development including commercial, institutional and higher density residential. The core is anchored by commercial to the south and institutional uses including a School, Community Centre and Fire Hall at its terminus to the north.


Team members on the project

Tracy Zhang