Tsuu T’ina Nation Commercial Plans

Commercial Site Plans

The Tsuut’ina Nation is located adjacent to The City of Calgary on its western edge. Over the last several decades the Nation has explored and recognized the economic potential of the lands adjacent to road development on the City’s western edge, and the potential for jobs for members of the Tsuut’ina nation.

Starting in 2009, B&A Planning Group worked with Tsuut’ina and MPE Engineering Ltd. to provide land use plans for three separate land areas on the Tsuut’ina Nation, Glenmore and 37 Street SW, Buffalo Run Business Park, and the Fish Creek Valley lands. Work included updates of a draft land use plan which included a hotel and entertainment centre adjacent to Grey Eagle Casino, a recreational complex and additional commercial development, about 250 acres of development. B&A also created a new draft plan for the Buffalo Run Business Park, and a draft for the Fish Creek Valley lands that would support the Buffalo Run Business park and recognizes existing land use designations.