Trinity Hills

Outline Plan, Land Use & Development Approvals

Trinity Hills is designed to be an exciting new destination: a place to live, work, socialize, recharge and visit with family and friends. The slope adaptive development maintains the integrity of the Paskapoo Slopes while linking existing open space on the upper slopes with the sporting facilities at Calgary Olympic Park.

The Town Centre is located at the eastern end of the site and is intended as a mixed use area. It accommodates retail, supermarket, residential, office and potential for hotel uses. Tree lined sidewalks provide an active and inviting streetscape. Townhouses are to be located around the centre’s periphery to increase a local residential presence.

The Village, linking the Town and Gateway Centres, is predominantly residential with options for convenience commercial located on the ground floor. The Main Street includes on-street parking and separated cycle track for improved safety.

The Gateway Centre at the western end is a pedestrian oriented entertainment area serving as a strong and recognizable entranceway to the neighbourhood and COP. It is proposed to accommodate a movie theater, a shopping alley, outdoor cafés, bars, restaurants and potential for a hotel.

Team members on the project

Grant Mihalcheon
Greg Brown
Tracy Zhang
Steve Morris