Downtown Taber

Redevelopment and Urban Design Concepts

B&A recently worked on Taber’s new Municipal Development Plan and was asked by the Town of Taber Administration to conceptually investigate opportunities for the revitalization/utilization of the CP Railway corridor adjacent to its historic downtown.

Sonny Tomic, supported by our GIS, 3D and technical services team, created compelling urban design concepts utilizing the “Genius Loci” concept in urban design based on understanding and interpretation of local history, events and prominent historic personalities. Using this concept, the 600 m long downtown portion of the CPR corridor was programmed into three distinctive zones: 1) CPR Heritage Park with interpretive signage, historic locomotive display/museum; 2) Taber Farmer’s Market and 3) Taber Corn Maze as a tourist destination to complement the famous Taber Corn festival.

Team members on the project

David Wyatt