Shepard Energy Centre

Outline Plan, Land Use & Development Approvals

The Shepard Energy Centre (SEC) is now fully operational and is Alberta’s largest natural gas-fuelled power facility. It is located on a 60 acre site on the east side of Calgary in the Shepard Industrial Park.

Constructed in 2011-12, the project is jointly owned by ENMAX Energy Corporation & Capital Power. Using combined-cycle technology, two natural gas-fuelled turbines and one steam turbine, Shepard will add more than 800 megawatts (MW) of electricity to the provincial grid – enough to meet almost half of Calgary’s current needs. Shepard will also emit less than half the carbon dioxide per MW of conventional coal plants. Shepard’s value comes from its environmental, social and economic benefits; including lower emitting generation, more efficient and reliable generation, responsible water use and environmental management.

B&A Planning Group is proud to have gained both land use and a series of development permit approvals to assist in realizing this more sustainable energy future.

Team members on the project

Vern Hart