Shawnee Park

Land Use Amendments & Development Permits

B&A Planning Group has been involved with overall concept planning, Land Use amendments, and various Development Permits for this project since 2014.  In 2012, the site was approved for redevelopment from a golf course to a mix of housing to be integrated into the existing surrounding neighbourhood. In 2014,  Cardel partnered with Genstar to begin development of the community.  The multi-family component was sold, and the remainder of the site is currently planned for a mix of nearly 500 units of high-quality single family, semi-detached, and townhouse homes.

An amendment to the Land Use has recently been completed by B&A to recognize modified landscaping, tree preservation, building height, and fencing requirements.  This involved:

  • significant engagement with the surrounding community, many of whom were in opposition to the development
  • significant work and negotiations with City Administration
  • significant design work including street, landscaping, and housing design; addressing numerous servicing issues, made more challenging when trying to balance tree preservation with modern servicing requirements
  • brand and marketing graphics to help sell the Shawnee Park development



Team members on the project

Vern Hart
Daniel MacGregor