Savanna Stage 2

Outline Plan & Land Use Redesignation

The development is comprised of 320 acres of primarily residential development located in the northeast community of Saddle Ridge. The proposal envisioned 2,800 units and 7,600 persons. The intent was to create a modified grid pattern incorporating natural areas, while meeting and exceeding the intensities as identified in Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan (over 8 units per acre and 60 people and jobs per hectare). In 2014, the project was split into Stages 1 and 2 to accommodate the opportunity for the City to review its transit program with regards to the transit station planning area located on the east side of the plan area. Here, a more robust series of land uses including retail and office are offered to complement the higher density housing components.

Savanna Stage 2 is the next Light Rail Transit Station in Calgary’s northeast. It is also the station that will connect a spur line to the Calgary Airport. Designed to integrate and meet City Transit Oriented Development and Community Activity Centre policies the station area achieves a mix of high residential and commercial/office densities while also achieving a vibrant public realm and transit hub for the pedestrian.

Team members on the project

Chris Andrew
Steve Morris