Saskatchewan Drive

Urban Design Charrette & Redevelopment Opportunities

The City of Regina’s key planning and transportation policy documents identified the need to re-think the Saskatchewan Drive corridor one of the major urban arteries for transportation of people and goods to and from city’s central zone.

B&A lead urban designers Sonny Tomic and Darrell Grant were engaged to lead the design Charrette and subsequently to summarize and conceptualize findings into comprehensive, inspirational urban design report.

City of Regina’s key objectives were as follows: a) to conceptually investigate street design options for improvement of pedestrian environment, optimization of traffic lanes and radical improvement of the street character; b) to promote integrated urban and transportation planning and design that utilize comprehensive “Complete Street” philosophy; c) to improve pedestrian and bike connectivity, walkability and safety based on Universal design principles; and d) to inspire private and public investment along the corridor.

In addition to comprehensive streetscape design concepts, Sonny Tomic created an innovative urban design concept that addresses one of the most prominent intersections: the intersection of Saskatchewan Dr. with Albert Street that includes major underpass underneath the CP Railway. Comprehensive high-density mixed use development concept with range of attractive public squares and pedestrian mews was proposed in addition to streetscape improvements.

Team members on the project

Nathan Petherick