Rocky Mountain Motorsports Park

Concept Plan, Communications & Engagement

This Concept Plan outlines a unique and compelling business development with regional significance. The project includes a motorsports park and related automotive services, two (2) driver training facilities and an automobile-related retail service area. The project is supported by various partnerships and synergies involving various private automobile (car) clubs and motorcycle clubs and Calgary Police Services. The Plan was approved in March 2017.

The Rocky Mountain Motorsports project is in accordance with the County’s Municipal Development Plan and Wessex Area Structure Plan’s business development objectives. The project is seen as a key driver for economic development within the County’s Wessex Growth Centre.

A major component to the success of gaining Concept Plan approval was to ensure a broad base of Project understanding and subsequent buy-in amongst stakeholders and influencers. The resulting communications engagement plan was proactive, comprehensive, as well as open, honest and respectful of all stakeholders. Consultation techniques included small format meetings, an information office, public events, and an open house.

A report summarizing the consultation approach, techniques, summary findings and conclusions was included in the Concept Plan submission to Mountain View County Council.

Team members on the project

Ken Venner