Southeast Regina NP

Neighbourhood Plan

B&A Planning Group is working the City of Regina and a significant number of landowners on the development of their Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan (SENP).  The plan area, located on the southeast sector of the City, is on the eastern boundary of the City limits and is comprised of approximately 1,800 acres. The neighbourhood plan extended from Design Regina which established the overall planning framework for the City.

The SENP envisions an entire community for residents to live, work and play in an attractive and comfortable environment; where residents can walk or ride their bike to parks or local services; and where children can attend all levels of school in their own community. The Land Use Concept includes a wide mix of features including defined neighbourhoods, commercial, mixed-use, industrial, urban and an regional retail centre.

The SENP was developed with significant stakeholder consultation and public engagement. Many meaningful conversations occurred amongst the project team and the City of Regina Administration, as well as key stakeholders including the Arcola East Community Association, School Boards, the Province of Saskatchewan, and the RM of Sherwood.

The SENP received unanimous support from the Regina Planning Commission in early September 2016, and was presented to City Council for final review and approval on September 26, 2016.

Team members on the project

Nathan Petherick
Ela Skrzypek
Tracy Zhang
Steve Morris