Rangeview Area Structure Plan

Area Structure Plan

B&A provided urban planning services to the five landowners with parcels of land located within the Rangeview Area Structure Plan (ASP). The ASP  sets the direction for 1800 acres of land located adjacent to Seton Urban District. Projected to accommodate 44,000 people, Rangeview will provide a residential component to complement the mixed-use development and employment opportunities in Seton.

The key features of landowners’ concept plan developed by B&A include: 

Urban Structure

  • 2 communities and 10 distinct neighbourhoods
  • Higher density Transit Station Planning Area

Open Space System

  • Interconnected System integrating existing wetlands and natural spaces
  • Connections to key destination areas including the Bow River to the south

Adaptive Grid

  • Safe, comfortable and efficient connectivity
  • Enables generational redevelopment
  • Responds to natural topography

Agricultural Urbanism (Section 23)

  • Builds on authentic Prairie landscape and history of the land
  • Addresses local food security

B&A continues to provide detailed design and planning approval services for 640 acres of lands owned by Section 23 and Genstar.

Team members on the project

Greg Brown
Tracy Zhang