Parkland County

Technical Growth Study

B&A Planning was the prime consultant for Parkland County’s Technical Growth Study (TGS). As part of the Growth Study, B&A created an innovative growth study process for tackling the challenges of rural growth, land use planning and economic development. The TGS was built on extensive workshops with Council and Administration. Ultimately, the TGS supported the development of the County’s land use strategy for its Municipal Development Plan, One Parkland: Powerfully Connected. 

The unique methodology of the TGS examined land use synergies at the local scale by identifying “Strategic Development Areas” where future growth could be expected. The costs and benefits of growth in each Strategic Development Area were weighed and considered, including the financial impacts. The outcome of this analysis, in concert with the County’s goals and objectives, determined which areas of the County should be prioritized for growth.

The outcome of the Growth Study balanced the County values of economic growth, agricultural protection and diversification, and long-term sustainable growth. Following completion of the draft TGS, B&A facilitated the development of the County’s Municipal Development Plan, which put into policy the lessons and directions of the TGS alongside citizen values. The coordination between Parkland County’s TGS and MDP, marrying County goals and objectives with consideration for economic impacts, has established an industry-leading model for integrating growth management studies with statutory planning.

Team members on the project

Ken Venner