North Sector Industrial Concept Plan

Concept Plan

Commencing in 2015, B&A has been working with a private land developer to advance planning approvals for an 80 acre property situated to the north of Marquis Industrial Park in the City of Saskatoon. The subject property comprises approximately 80 acres and is influenced by a major wetland which bisects the property and major power transmission infrastructure situated along its eastern boundary. To date, B&A has assisted the ownership group in the exploration of preliminary development concepts for the property and by engaging in the City’s recently completed sector planning process. Through ongoing engagement with the City during the sector plan process and advocacy on behalf of the landowner, the subject property has been earmarked for Phase 1 development within the north industrial sector. B&A is now working with industry partners on the completion of baseline investigations and technical reports to support the development of comprehensive outline plan and land use amendment submission. Subject to City approval, the concept plan and supportive technical investigations will help rationalize and support future land use amendment and subdivision applications to advance the development of the subject property.

Team members on the project

Nathan Petherick
Brooke Dillon