New Stupino

Integrated New Town

B&A developed a conceptual scheme for an integrated new town located 75km south of Moscow. New Stupino meets the residential, employment, shopping, recreational, institutional and educational needs of its people and sets a precedent for future settlements in the Moscow region. Designed to accommodate 60,000 people and include 200 hectares of employment uses, New Stupino responds to the ‘Long Term Strategy of Mass Housing Construction for all Categories of Citizens of Russian Federation’ drafted by the Ministry of Regional Development and based on tasks outlined by Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

The project was commissioned by the MR Group, a real estate development company in Moscow, and was locally managed by Hopewell Residential Management LP. The project’s intent was to engage Canadian expertise in comprehensive community planning and design, as well as in wood frame construction, for residential, commercial and industrial development.

AWARDS: Award of Excellence, Russian Federal Government


Team members on the project

Greg Brown
Tracy Zhang