Parkland County

Municipal Development Plan

Beginning in January 2017, B&A Planning Group has worked together with Parkland County Council, administration and community to update the Parkland County Municipal Development Plan (MDP). The updated MDP establishes a 30-year land use plan with a 50-year vision for the County that is built on the County’s goal to be “One Parkland, Powerfully Connected”.

With a population of 32,097 (in 2016) covering 242,595 hectares, Parkland County offers an assortment of farming properties, country residential acreages and small and large businesses and employment areas. The policies of the MDP support a balanced approach to economic development, natural systems and agricultural protection coordinated with infrastructure and transportation systems. The goal of the Plan’s development concept is to create a more environmentally, socially and fiscally sustainable growth pattern within the County by clustering development in key areas while respecting and maintaining the role of agriculture.

Parkland’s MDP reflects the policy context of the Edmonton area and supports the pillars of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan while recognizing the unique nature of Parkland County as a rural municipality in a growing area.

Council approved the Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 2017-14 One Parkland: Powerfully Connected on October 10, 2017.

Team members on the project

Ken Venner