MD of Bighorn MGB Hearing

Expert Planning Witness Municipal Government Board

B&A Senior Municipal Planner Jonathan Schmidt assisted the M.D. of Bighorn with an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for a 29 ha municipal-owned property in the Hamlet of Dead Man’s Flats. Following a successful third reading of the ASP, the Town of Canmore appealed the matter to the Municipal Government Board (MGB).

As an expert planning witness working on behalf of the M.D. of Bighorn, B&A reviewed the Town of Canmore’s submission and provided assistance with responding to the planning merits of the ASP.

B&A undertook:

•  compilation of the planning merits of the ASP

•  review of relevant legal cases

•  review of site and regional history of the Bow Valley

•  precedent planning documents

•  relevant legislation

•  expert witness testimony at MGB hearing