Livingston Stage 1B

Outline Plan and Land Use Approvals

Livingston is Brookfield’s first new community in Keystone Hills North Calgary, with an innovative approach to community building that includes:

  • A Major Activity Centre and Urban Corridor that function as the heart of the Community and form the terminus of the future Green Line Primary Transit Network (LRT)
  • A full spectrum of residential housing types in distinct neighbourhoods to provide for timely continuation of land supply in the North Sector
  • A comprehensive open space system which threads together environmental, educational, and recreational blocks
  • Alignment with the Municipal Development Plan to advance City aspirations for growth

B&A Planning Group commenced work on 10,000 acres of North Annexation Lands in 2006, successfully completing:

  • North RCS (2010);
  • Keystone Hills ASP (2012); and
  • Outline Plan & Land Uses for Stages 1a & 2 in 2014 and 2015, respectively

Planning in Livingston is ongoing; construction is expected to commence in 2016.

Team members on the project

Patrick Wetter