Beaumont Annexation

Expert Planning Witness – Municipal Government Board

As an expert planning witness working on behalf of Leduc County, B&A reviewed the planning merits of the Town of Beaumont’s proposed annexation of 21 quarter sections of land from the County. As part of its analysis, B&A assessed the Town’s 2014 Growth Study and reports related to the annexation. The assumptions examined as part of the review included:

  • Study Area
  • Population Growth Rates
  • Current Land Supply & Population Capacity
  • Residential Land Uses & Densities
  • Commercial & Business Park Land Uses
  • Market Allowance
  • Urban Service Uses
  • Future Expansion Area/Preliminary Land Use Breakdown

B&A worked closely with the County’s legal, administrative, economics, and engineering teams to ensure a coordinated presentation to the Municipal Government Board (MGB). As part of the County’s response to the proposed annexation, an alternative growth scenario and land use allocation pattern was developed for the Town of Beaumont. The alternative scenario provided a critique of the Town of Beaumont’s proposed annexation in the context of current Capital Region Board policies and mandates.

B&A is currently working with Leduc County to update their Municipal Development Plan. The MDP will be presented to County Council for approval in 2016.


Team members on the project

Nathan Petherick
Liisa Tipman
Steve Morris