Husky Case Study

Client Feature Case Study


Since 2005, B&A has worked closely with Husky Energy and the real estate division to support an array of asset management, planning, and development initiatives. Our visualization group and GIS team supports the Husky real estate division in the production of annual map sets, which provide Husky with a comprehensive overview of land assets and asset conditions and encumbrances throughout Western Canada and the United States. In addition to supporting ongoing asset management initiatives, we have supported Husky Energy in a wide range of due diligence investigations through comprehensive municipal policy and regulatory reviews and preliminary land evaluations to support the Husky real estate division in a wide range of land acquisition matters.


As an extension to our involvement in ongoing asset management and due diligence investigations, B&A has worked closely with Husky Energy on a range of design, planning, and municipal approval projects to advance a range of Husky development projects. Our most recent involvement with Husky Energy has included conceptual land use planning, subdivision design, plan development, and land use approvals for major land assets situated within the City of Lloydminster including securing necessary approvals for the development of Husky Energy Place.

To support the development of Husky Energy Place, B&A examined a wide range of planning and development concepts to meet the requirements of Husky Energy Place whilst also assessing a range of complimentary land uses adjacent to this major office complex consisting of commercial, residential, parks, and open space. This land use exploration ultimately supported the development and approval of a comprehensive area structure plan for the lands which has guided the sequencing of land use, subdivision and development approvals for the property.

Team members on the project

Nathan Petherick
Kayla McCarthy
Daniel MacGregor