Garrison Woods/Green

Joint Outline Plan & Land Use Redesignation

Garrison Woods is a unique 175-acre inner city community in Calgary featuring tree-lined boulevards, front porch streetscapes, and a pedestrian system which commemorates the military.

On behalf of our client, Canada Lands Company, B&A Planning Group was a major participant in the public consultation process in conjunction with City Administration. B&A Planning Group helped to develop the design for the community, and obtained the initial municipal approval in 1997. Land uses include a variety of housing types ranging from single-detached to four-storey apartments. Unique to this plan was the extensive use of existing housing stock, in situ or relocated to accommodate site intensification. Commercial uses include a food store and a mixed-use site with retail on the main floor and apartments above. Public open space includes formal spaces as well as informal spaces.

Garrison Green is a unique 80-acre neighbourhood in the southwest included in the CFB West Master Plan.

On behalf of our client, Canada Lands Company, B&A Planning Group participated in first the formation of the CFB West Master Plan in conjunction with City Administration, then obtained municipal approval for the outline plan and land use redesignation in 2002. The opportunity arose in Garrison Green to replicate the development successes of its predecessor Garrison Woods. The plan is comprised of a blended mix of housing types ranging from new infill single-detached residential to refurbished existing single and semi-detached housing stock to townhouses and apartments. The plan is essentially residential with associated public parks, including three “squares” commemorating the Canadian Peacekeepers, and a linear park to accommodate the regional pathway.

Team members on the project

Ela Skrzypek