Fallentimber Rediscovery Centre

Concept Plan

The Ghost River Rediscovery Society (GRRS) is a charitable foundation founded in 1994 that provides support for youth of all ages based upon indigenous traditions through wilderness camps and journeys, leadership and training programs, and educational experiences.  In support of GRRS programming objectives, from 2011 – 2013, B&A worked with the GRRS to establish the vision and plan for the Fallentimber Rediscovery Center (FRC).

The FRC concept plan was developed in collaboration with the GRRS and outlined the framework for the development of a cultural village built around the medicine wheel or wheel of life as well as a retreat-style tipi camp. Core elements of the plan included the following:

•  a West Coast longhouse built in the Kwgiulth style

•  a Kekuli or earth lodge based on styles found from the interior of British Columbia

•  a Eastern Iroquois longhouse representative of woodland peoples

•  a southern Hogan built from log, earth stone and clay

B&A provided assistance throughout the pre-application, redesignation, and administrative review of the application, including attendance at the Council meeting and public hearing as a representative of the GRSS. Approval for the Fallentimber Rediscovery Centre was approved in early 2013.

Team members on the project

Nathan Petherick