East Village Parkade

East Village Parkade Land Use Amendment

B&A Planning Group worked with East Village Properties Inc. (EVPI) on a Land Use Amendment application to allow for the additional use of an underground parkade on a site envisioned to be developed as a hotel with related retail and an underground parking structure. 

The application supports EVPI’s desire to offer high-quality hotel accommodation in conjunction with a parkade structure under separate ownership that provides parking for both the hotel’s needs and for visitors and residents in the area.  The parkade will also help address the East Village’s transitional parking needs as surface parking lots are redeveloped to more intensive uses.

The development aligns with the East Village Area’s Redevelopment Plan to strategically shape and transform the area with public open space, streetscape improvements, derelict building removal and multiple high-quality, residential, commercial, institutional and mix-used developments.

Team members on the project

Vern Hart