East Victoria Avenue

Concept Plan

B&A Planning Group is working with Harvard Developments on the East Victoria Concept Plan (EVCP) area located in the southeast sector of the City of Regina. The EVCP encompasses a future urban centre as identified in the Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan (SENP). The urban centre is intended to accommodate “commercial” and “mixed use” development including a wide range and scale of retail uses to meet the needs of local and regional residents.

The commercial area of the EVCP shall be comprised of a mix of retail and employment uses that serve individuals traveling along the EVCP corridor, existing and future residents of the SENP area, the city at large and adjacent rural municipalities. Commercial development will be predominantly large format retail uses including single-story standalone structures with adequate parking to serve each site and complimented by medium and junior box stores to support the needs of smaller retailers.

 Visitors within the development will efficiently move through the site via an interconnected street and pathway network that accommodates multi-modal transportation modes. A transit hub located centrally within the plan area will create a focal point of transit use, pedestrian and cyclist movement, further promoting transit-oriented development and sustainable transportation options.

The residential and mixed use areas of the EVCP are intended to provide flexibility in the development of the residential and non-residential land uses. The area will include a diversity of housing options, including low, medium and high-density residential uses. Non-residential uses within mixed use developments may be positioned along the major street network to provide suitable transition to residential developments.


Team members on the project

Nathan Petherick
Brooke Dillon
Tracy Zhang