East Tower

Concept Plan

B&A has recently commenced work with Long Lake Investment Group on the completion of a comprehensive concept plan to guide the development of  approximately 250 acres of residential land situated within the southeast sector.

To date, B&A has advanced preliminary concepts examining the potential integration of these lands with the recent approved Towns concept plan and the rapidly developing Greens on Gardiner development, both of which form a strong influence on the western edge of the plan area. In addition to these edge conditions, the concept plan is also examining the relationship of the plan area to the Regina Bypass which forms a strong influence on the eastern edge of the plan area and the recently approved regional ball facility situated within the northern portion of the plan area. 

Work has included the development of preliminary concepts and the commencement of baseline investigations to support a concept plan submission. With the recent approval of the Southeast Neighborhood Plan by the City of Regina in September 2016, the submission of a comprehensive concept plan and land use amendment application is anticipated for winter 2016. Subject to City approval and the completion of concurrent OCP amendments, the concept plan will support and rationalize future land use amendment and subdivision applications to guide the development of the subject property.

Team members on the project

Nathan Petherick
Nancy Sanborn
Veronica Kennedy
Tracy Zhang