Currie Barracks

Master Plan & Land Use Redesignation

The CFB West Master Plan, a joint project between Canada Lands Company and The City of Calgary, is a unique guiding document that sets out public policy to create a healthy and sustainable inner-city neighbourhood. On behalf of our Client, Canada Lands Company, B&A Planning Group was a major participant in the public consultation process and drafting of the policies in conjunction with City Administration.

Between 2001 Р2007, B&A Planning Group prepared an innovative concept, outline plan and land use for Currie Barracks. In alignment with the land use approvals, B&A Planning Group worked to enable Council approval of customized design criteria for the engineering designs rather than conventional design standards. Between 2013 -2015, B&A further led a revised outline plan, land use, CFB West Master Plan amendment, and Historic Resources Sites Designation Orders process to support Canada Lands Company’s redesigned Currie Barracks.

Team members on the project

Ela Skrzypek
Steve Morris