Cochrane Old Town Site

Urban Design Concept

The Old Town Hall Site is a parcel of land which sits at the entryway to Cochrane’s downtown and provides a gateway to Cochrane’s historic downtown. The land has been unused for approximately the past ten years, and as part of its downtown revitalization strategy, in February 2016 Cochrane’s Council reviewed four competing proposals from developers to develop and purchase the site.

 B&A Planning Group staff Sonny Tomic and Pam McInnis worked with La Vita, a local Cochrane developer to propose a concept plan offers a mixed use site with a strong sense of place and identity.

The vision proposed, features a public plaza situated to receive maximum daytime sunlight with adjacent retail and restaurants to offer a vibrant entertainment gathering opportunity. Internal mews will offer weather protected patio spaces and retail streets. Office and employment opportunities will front Highway 1A and Centre Street.

 Inspiration was drawn from Cochrane’s Western Heritage Design Guidelines as well as B&A Planning Group’s originally conceived vision for infill in historic downtowns, creating a balance which achieves a recognizable “distinctively Cochrane” sense of place.

 B&A’s client, La Vita Land Inc., was the winning applicant in the competition for the old town hall site.

Team members on the project

Pam MacInnis
Steve Morris