City of Lloydminster/County of Vermillion River

Joint Regional Growth Study

B&A Planning Group, together with ISL Engineering, are supporting a joint growth study process currently underway between the City of Lloydminster and the County of Vermilion River. Building on the work done by ISL in their 2014 City of Lloydminster Growth Study, the purpose of the joint growth study is to bring a more balanced and regional perspective to growth planning in the Lloydminster region.

Working with City and County representatives, B&A has been part of establishing guiding growth principles and trends, key land supply and density assumptions, common understandings of opportunities and constraints to growth, and other mark-ups and assumptions required to establish regional land requirement projections.

B&A’s contributions to the joint growth study, in partnership with ISL and Applications Engineering, have included:

•  Land supply analysis for municipalities within the study area

•  Growth share and land demand generation analysis

•  Overarching planning policy review and summary

•  Feedback on assumptions provided in the City of Lloydminster growth study

Team members on the project

Nathan Petherick