City of Leduc Strategic Plan

Community Vision & 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

The City of Leduc is renewing its community vision and four-year strategic plan for 2019 -2022 to help guide Council and administration in goalsetting, developing policies and actions, that will help shape the future of the municipality. The City hired B&A Planning Group to develop and implement an integrative communications and engagement strategy to obtain in-depth insights from citizens on the City’s strategic priorities and long-term aspirations.

In order to reflect the needs of the entire community through the strategic plan and community vision, B&A Planning Group developed and implemented a communications strategy that incorporated a number of diverse tools and techniques to reach all streams and demographics of stakeholders, including:

  • Campaign branding, including a logo and hashtag #LetsTalkLeduc to be used across all advertising, communication channels and face-to-face events.
  • A project website ( to be used as the primary information and engagement source for the project.
  • An educational animated video to explain the purpose of the project and communicate the various ways for citizens to get involved.
  • A social media campaign and contest to promote the project and public  events, and to spark excitement and conversation through the City’s online platforms.
  • Various promotions and advertisements including newspaper ads, outdoor signage, posters, postcards and City of Leduc employee newsletter articles.

Team members on the project

Ken Venner
Brian Murray
Bridget Honch
Tamille Beynon
Steve Morris