Chuka Creek Business Park

Concept Plan

B&A Planning Group is working with Long Lake Investment Group on the development of a Concept Plan for the proposed Chuka Creek Business Park (CCBP) located in the southeast sector of the City of Regina. The lands are situated between the Regina Bypass and the eastern city limits. The CCBP lands have been identified for “Light & Medium Industrial” and “Prestige Industrial” uses within the Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan (SENP).

The CCBP is envisioned as a major employment hub within southeast Regina. The plan area will include a range of industrial uses complimenting existing development and will provide a variety of facilities and services that will support the creation of approximately 2,200 jobs. This industrial employment hub will help create a complete community in southeast Regina, where residents can work directly in their community.

The CCBP area will transition from Prestige Industrial uses in the southern portion of the business park to Light and Medium Industrial uses that range in size and operation in the northern portion. The Secondary Gateway treatment at the entrance to the Prestige Industrial area will create a sense of place and welcome visitors to the employment area. Development within the CCBP will acknowledge the interface with the Bypass and Arcola Avenue and establish compatible edge conditions through careful attention to site design, architectural treatment, landscaping and signage details. Diverse industrial development will provide long-term benefits to the city and careful attention to visual character and design will help additional investment throughout the plan area.

B&A Planning Group is currently working with Long Lake on developing the preliminary concept plan including comprehensive communications and engagement with adjacent landowners and other stakeholders.

Team members on the project

Nathan Petherick
Steve Morris
Tracy Zhang