Akisqnuk Land Use Plan

B&A’s Planning and Engagement teams are presently working with akisq’nuk First Nation to complete a new Land Use Plan for their 8,500 acre land base that is home to over 300 community members. Situated in the Columbia Valley in South East British Columbia, this community is located in an area of unparallelled natural beauty. akisq’nuk neighbours the communities of Windermere to the north and Fairmont Hot Springs to the south. akisq’nuk’s western border reaches along the shores of Lake Windermere for 14 kilometres, and the band’s eastern border lies at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

The project includes a review of historical planning efforts, land development, site tours and culturally-guided engagement techniques and practices. A unique mechanism that is being coordinated between the community and B&A is a youth internship where two youth will be taking leading roles in a number of the engagement and information gathering stages of the project; this will include home visits, directly with band members, Elders lunches, and visioning workshops with youth and the greater community.

The ultimate goal of the Land Use Plan is to create a guiding document that balances economic opportunity, ecological conservation, and a housing strategy that has been shaped by the knowledge held by community members, and reflects the long-term vision that will support future generations of this growing community.