Tristar Communities’ Belvedere Receives Unanimous Approval

On December 10, 2018, Calgary City Council unanimously approved Calgary’s first master planned residential community in East Calgary in over 30 years. Tristar’s Belvedere neighbourhood is anticipated to have 1,200 homes at full-build out, and be home to 2,800 people with a variety of residential product offerings, a future elementary school, well-designed central parks, a significant wetland complex and easy access to shopping and services, including local retail.

B&A has supported Tristar Communities in the development of an Outline Plan and Land Use scheme for their lands for many years. Planning work commenced nearly 14 years ago prior to the 2013 Belvedere ASP approval for the 125-acre site. This approval is a major milestone achievement and is a testament to the determination and endurance within both companies.

The delay in the review and approval process were in part a result of a unique introduction and evolution of the City’s Growth Management review process, whereby new community growth was subjected to significant analysis and scrutiny prior to allowing new suburban development. In June 2017, City Council approved the removal of the Growth Management Overlay for the entirety of West Belvedere with funding for a new Fire Station to be constructed along 17 Avenue SE.

The Belvedere Neighbourhood is ideally situated near two major transportation thoroughfares of Stoney Trail and 17 Avenue SE, adjacent to the East Hills Shopping Centre, a mere 12 kilometres east of Downtown Calgary. Future residents will have the commuting options of a 20 minute drive, a 30 minute bus ride on the new MAX Purple BRT line or a 45 minute bike ride on the new 17 Avenue Urban Corridor.

The design is driven by the establishment of a well-connected series of fused grid streets and pathways, and the desire to provide a variety of residential forms that concentrates density and commercial development around open spaces and transit.

The north neighbourhood area is comprised of lower density residential uses and protects an eight hectare (19.92 acre) wetland complex that will be featured at the northwest entrance-way off of 84 Street SE. Regional pathways and green corridors will be extended around the boundary of the wetland to provide recreational opportunities for pedestrians and cyclists. At the heart of the community, within the Neighbourhood Activity Centre, there is a neighbourhood commercial parcel and a large green space to accommodate a future CBE Elementary School building with soccer fields and a baseball diamond.

The south neighbourhood area is comprised of medium to higher density apartments and street-oriented townhouses. A community scaled commercial site is located adjacent to 17 Avenue SE. The neighbourhood park adjacent to the stormwater pond provides further open space for the community.

Darrell Grant, former Partner, and Kimberly Lemmon, Senior Planner, were the Designers and Project Managers for the application. Planning assistance was provided throughout the process by Daniel MacGregor, Senior Planner to ensure no detail was overlooked.

Upon receiving unanimous Council approval for the land use redesignation, B&A looks forward to continuing to support Tristar Communities and their chosen Builders in the creation of the Belvedere neighbourhood.