Public Engagement during Social Distancing

The situation with COVID-19 and social distancing practices is continuously evolving. At B&A, our focus is to deliver continuity during this time and maintain the strategic leadership we are known for to achieve success on all our projects.

The B&A Communications and Engagement team is developing engagement strategies that can be successfully implemented during social distancing, while still meeting municipal requirements for public outreach. While traditional open houses have been a popular and successful engagement tactic, our team is equipped with a toolkit of alternatives for project communications and engagement strategies with internal and external stakeholders. All communications tactics can be tracked and measured to ensure thorough reporting and prove outreach efforts following implementation. We are actively helping clients transition their engagement strategies to suitable alternatives.  Examples include:

  • A scheduled open house event that was quickly transitioned to an online format which included an online survey to gather feedback from community stakeholders.
  • To replace an in-person, day-long workshop with Municipal Administration and Council B&A staff are coordinating materials for a series of virtual meetings with all participants.
  • To support stakeholder outreach, an ArcOnline GIS platform has been created to share project details with key municipalities.
  • To share project information a variety of mailers, targeted online ads and project websites are being created to ensure we keep communities informed.

We encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about how our in-house team of IAP2-trained Communications and Engagement experts can support your project needs during the current public health crisis.