Planning and Development Monitoring Program Facilitates Early Awareness and Collaboration

B&A Energy, B&A’s service area developing customized approaches to meet the unique needs of energy sector clients, continues to leverage its extensive municipal relationships, land use planning expertise, and land development experience to expand its planning and development monitoring program.  

Since 2016, B&A’s land use planning and development monitoring program was conceived and developed to meet the unique needs of pipeline operators to better assess land use planning and development initiatives in proximity to pipeline infrastructure. The program has grown to encompass 46,000 km of pipeline, spanning six provinces, one territory, and 400 municipalities across Canada.

Supported by the depth and collaboration of B&A’s planning, communications, and visualization team, the program has grown to include customized communications with 1,500 stakeholders across Canada and now manages in excess of 450 applications per annum, all while being customized and adapted to meet the specific and varying needs of our energy clients.

“With over 30 years of project experience spanning 300 clients and 2500 projects, B&A is tremendously proud of the unique planning innovations and solutions we have developed and brought to the energy sector,” says Nathan Petherick, Partner, Energy & Resource Development Services Lead. “Our integrated land use planning and development monitoring program has witnessed significant growth and facilitates win-win solutions for pipeline operators and stakeholders while supporting the regulatory compliance, safety, damage prevention and integrity management initiatives of industry clients.”

To learn more about B&A Energy’s land use planning and development monitoring program and our suite of innovative, customized services for energy providers, including planning and development approvals, predictive class assessment reporting, and network-wide assessments, the integrated team of accredited professionals will be sharing their expertise at this year’s Banff Pipeline Workshop