Founder Greg Brown Retires from B&A After an Incredible 28 Years

In 1989, Greg Brown joined Ramsay Walker, a small planning firm of six, in a 500 square foot office in downtown Calgary. He was young, smart, and most importantly determined to succeed.

Fast forward 28 years later and Greg and the B&A partners have built one of Western Canada’s most successful professional community and land development planning firms.

In July, Greg will formally retire from B&A and move onto the next chapter in his life.  However, in true Greg fashion, he has agreed to continue on with us in a limited consulting capacity for special projects that can take advantage of his expertise. He will also provide advisory services to the B&A Strategic Management Team as required. We look forward to seeing him around the office in the Fall.

To say Greg is retiring on a high note is an extreme understatement. He leaves behind a growing firm of almost 50 team members with a track record of well over 2,000 projects and 200 clients. 

Greg is not only recognized as a successful business owner but an industry leader and mentor to both B&A planners and the broader planning community. He has played an essential role in advancing exceptional plans for diverse projects across the City of Calgary. There isn’t a quadrant in the City that he has not played a hand in developing and evolving through best-practice planning. 

When asked if he ever expected for B&A to be where it is today, the answer is a resounding yes.

“I’ve always believed that with tenacity, dedication and most importantly a consistent track record of success we could – and can – continue to grow. We’ve built our business and our reputation as a firm that gets projects approved. We’re able to do this because we understand the importance of working towards win-win-win solutions with our clients, the approving authority and the community.” 

“I think the recipe for success is very simple,” Greg continues. “It comes down to old-fashioned hard work. At the end of the day, you have to put 110% into everything you do – for your business, for your clients, and for the community. There is no way around it. That has always been my approach and I’m proud to see that core value and work ethic in the B&A team.”

This work ethic can also be seen through Greg’s extensive project list for numerous residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use plans primarily in the Calgary Region and across Southern Alberta. Some of his most significant projects include:

  • Redevelopment projects such as Garrison Woods, Garrison Green and Currie Barracks;
  • Suburban communities such as the Hamptons and Arbour Lake; and,
  • Mixed-use developments such as Paskapoo Slopes/Trinity Hills.

As Greg looks back at his forty-plus year career in business and planning, he says much has changed in the community and land development planning industry, particularly relative to density, but the principles in his mind remain the same. 

“At the end of the day, it’s about constantly raising the bar and creating better communities and developments where people love to live, work and play.”  

Greg leaves behind a legacy that is engrained into our best practices at B&A. It’s in everything that we do and we’re excited to carry on his passion, energy, and commitment to creating better communities, together.