Emerging Trend: Cannabis Legislation

Are you looking to open a cannabis retail store or a municipality wanting to enable cannabis legislation in your community? The Government of Canada’s proposed Cannabis Act will legalize and regulate the production, sale, and distribution of cannabis in Canada and will be further implemented by the Alberta Cannabis Framework and Legislation. B&A’s dedicated team of planning professionals are available to assist you in navigating the new federal, provincial and municipal regulatory environment – from assessing site suitability to updating land-use bylaws to obtaining development permits.

Each municipality in Alberta will have its own unique regulatory framework to guide the implementation of the new Cannabis Act and provincial legislation.  Although many municipalities, such as Edmonton and Calgary, are implementing changes in advance of the official passing of the Act, the operation of any facility or retail outlet will not be permitted until the Act is passed in parliament.

As well, not every site will be suitable for the operation of a cannabis retail store. Some of the site location requirements include minimum separation distances between cannabis stores and schools, public libraries, parks, provincial health care facilities, other cannabis stores, and more. In addition to minimum separation distances, only certain zones will be allowed to accommodate a cannabis retail store.

B&A has been tracking these changes on behalf of our clients and we want to help ensure you achieve your desired outcome.

B&A is well positioned to assist with:

  • Assessing impacts to municipalities
  • Updating land-use bylaws and local plans
  • Assessing site suitability
  • Pursuing the required land-use designations and development permits and addressing any issues that arise through these processes, such as changing legislation, public opposition, parking relaxations, etc.

Contact us today to learn more. We can be reached by phone at 780-938-3837 (Brian Murray – Edmonton Region) or 403-692-4544 (Asia Walker – Calgary Region) or email info@bapg.ca.