Community Gatherings May Have Stopped, But Community Giving Has Not

How B&A Kept the Community Spirit Alive This Holiday Season

Beyond the holiday parties, secret Santa gifts and the enormous number of treats, the holiday season is known for bringing people together to volunteer their time for community initiatives, supporting those who need it most. At B&A, the team has a tradition of supporting local charitable organizations during the season of giving. While this year brought some hurdles, this did not stop the team from rallying together to help others.

This year has been a challenging year for many, which has placed a strain on several community support organizations throughout Alberta, including our local Food Banks. Understanding this, the team set out to raise awareness and funds to provide food and nourishment to those that need it through a virtual food drive.

The Calgary Food Bank and Edmonton’s Food Bank work to relieve food insecurity, and provide support to those experiencing emergency situations, alleviating the stress of wondering where their next meal is coming from. Through various programs and services, both Food Banks work to serve the 130,000+ client inquiries they receive each year. This year, while the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it its own set of unique stressors for every individual, our local Food Banks worked tirelessly to ensure putting food on the table was not one of them.

In early December, B&A launched two fundraising pages, encouraging friends, families, colleagues, and fellow community members to give what they can to their local food banks and help halt the hunger during the 2020 holiday season and beyond. B&A contributed $500 to each food bank in addition to the donations from the team’s generous network; in total, B&A raised an incredible $1,125 for the Calgary Food Bank, and $1,425 for Edmonton’s Food Bank. For every $1 donated to the food banks, $5 worth of food that can be distributed; meaning this monetary donation equals $12,750 worth of food for hungry Calgarian and Edmontonians!

“We’re grateful to be able to give during a time that has been difficult for so many families in our community,“ says Kathy Oberg, Managing Partner. “We worked directly with the Calgary Food Bank and Edmonton’s Food Bank to determine what was needed and how we could support them during what they describe as one of the busiest times in recent memory.”

These funds make an incredible impact in halting hunger in our communities. B&A was proud to support our local food banks as we head into the season of giving – starting the new year on a positive and hopeful note. We want to extend a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who donated and raised awareness for this important initiative – it is through these small acts of kindness that our community sees the most significant difference.