City of Moose Jaw Selects B&A to Work on Downtown Local Area Plan

surprisingly_unexpectedWe’re pleased to announce the City of Moose Jaw has selected B&A to develop a new Downtown Local Area Plan (LAP). The LAP will define the future vision and development framework for the growth and revitalization of the City’s downtown.

B&A will lead the analysis and evolution of land use, urban design, heritage, transportation, servicing and open space considerations. The final Plan will include policies, regulation tools, guidelines and catalyst projects that will set the foundation for short, medium and long-term action items and priorities for the area.

“We’re honoured and excited to work with the City of Moose Jaw on developing an innovative vision and plan for their Downtown,” says Jeanie Gartly, B&A Project Manager. “We have assembled a customized and award-winning Planning, Urban Design and Communications & Engagement team that are focusing on delivering the best plan possible.”

Key to success will be taking a multi-faceted and collaborative approach to building the plan with community members that live, work and play in downtown Moose Jaw including residents, business owners and municipal government.

The Project kicked-off April 2016 with introductory sessions with City Council, City staff and other key stakeholders to get a better understanding of the scope of the community’s challenges, thoughts, experiences and stories of the downtown.

The Project team will also lead Design Charrettes and design drop-in sessions and presentations for the public in order to get the most diverse and comprehensive community input as possible. A Design Charrette is a design process where a multidisciplinary team (including residents, business owners, the municipality and design professionals such as architects, engineers, planners and landscape architects) creates a visual plan for an area over the span of several days.

Visit the City of Moose Jaw’s project website to learn more.