B&A & Team Members Receive Planning Awards at 2016 APPI Conference

This week, B&A and B&A Team Members were honoured at the 2016 APPI Conference with awards for innovative, best-practice planning projects.

B&A Planning Group & Canada Lands Company – Currie Neighborhood Land Use Plan  

Award 2

B&A’s Jeanie Gartly (L) accepts the award with CLC’s Chris Elkey.

On October 3, 2016, B&A and Canada Lands Company were honoured with an APPI Planning Award of Excellence for the preparation of the Currie Neighborhood Land Use Plan.  

The Currie land use plan entailed a multi-faceted set of plans, planning processes, community engagement, a creative design team, and a visionary client – Canada Lands Company (CLC). The plan is a physical land use plan that focuses on design elements for a 147 acre established area site. Currie is known as the former military training base in Calgary, Alberta. The site is the final piece of nearly two decades of development that includes Garrison Woods to the east, Garrison Green to the south and Phase 1 & 2 of Currie to the west; which comprise the former Currie Barracks Canadian Forces Base that officially closed in 1998.

Building on the success of the award-winning Garrison Woods, CLC’s goal for the final phase of development is to construct a holistic environment which will allow residents to work, live and recreate all on one site. Their aim is to develop a mix of housing types in a walkable community core that achieves the City of Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan goals. This includes having a prosperous economy, a more compact urban form, creating great communities, sustainable developments and greater connectivity citywide.

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Bragg Creek Revitalization Plan  – Jonathan Schmidt, Project Manager & Lead Planner 

B&A”s Jonathan Schmidt with fellow Bragg Creek team members Amy Zaluski, Rocky View County and Michael von Hausen.

B&A’s Jonathan Schmidt was the Project Manager and Lead Planner on the Bragg Creek Revitalization Plan with Rocky View County that received an APPI Planning Award of Excellence on October 4, 2016. The Action Plan took the Hamlet of Bragg Creek from a devastated community from the 2013 floods to a vibrant, unique place to live, work and visit. The project included twelve months of extensive community engagement, including workshops, community meetings, feedback surveys, storefront hours, stakeholder meetings, online feedback maps and a 3-day design charrette.

The Bragg Creek Revitalization Plan is an easy-to-read and highly visual document that portrays a strong future vision for the Hamlet of Bragg Creek. The Plan highlights how the Hamlet can once again become a thriving locale through place-making and proper land use planning of housing, businesses, and public realm improvements. With strong community support for the Plan, Rocky View County Council unanimously passed the Revitalization Plan.