B&A Takes Part in the Alberta Sand and Gravel Association’s Annual General Meeting

In early January, B&A’s Nathan Petherick and Bridget Honch attended the ASGA’s AGM and tradeshow as presenters and a title sponsor for the two-day event.


The ASGA represents the interests of Alberta sand and gravel (aggregate) operators on industry-related issues and educates the public on the value and uses of aggregate. The AGM serves as an opportunity to learn about changing regulations, lessons from peer companies, industry trends and new technologies, among other topics.

B&A’s presentation focused on lessons learned from experiences in Rocky View County and reflected on what’s possible for the industry moving forward to better ensure project approvals, access to aggregate deposits and ways to enhance public trust.

Nathan explains that this topic is more relevant than ever. “Aggregate planning and approvals throughout Western Canada are increasingly faced with an evolving provincial and local policy and regulatory environment which poses major challenges to obtaining application approvals in markets throughout the province,” Nathan says. “Coupled with the rise of organized advocacy groups the importance of local industry collaboration and proactive communication to address the myriad of issues presenting potential risks to industry is paramount.”

B&A’s presentation discussed the following:

  • Projected population growth in Alberta and the impact on aggregate supply and demand
  • The economic value of aggregate in Alberta
  • Aggregate consumption in the Calgary Metropolitan Area, now and into the future
  • Relevant Land Use Policies operators must adhere to
  • Emerging industry challenges, such as:
    • Increasingly complex land use planning policy environment
    • Growing regulatory requirements and jurisdictional overlap (provincial/municipal)
    • Rise of supplementary and targeted studies
    • Increasingly complex supply / demand dynamics
    • Rise of community organization and advocacy groups
  • Opportunity for industry collaboration to improve project general operator outcomes
    • Case Studies to highlight such opportunities included the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan, and Rocky View County’s Off-site Levy Bylaw and Aggregate Resource Plan

Although B&A has attended this annual event previously, this was the company’s first time presenting and participating in the tradeshow and providing sponsorship.

“We are, and continue to be, partners of the aggregate industry,” Nathan says. “It is an essential aspect of our economy and quality of life, and we are pleased to support the local industry through individual project support and overarching communications and community relations.”