B&A Presents at 2016 CPAA Conference

On May 2 & 3, B&A had the opportunity to present at the 2016 Community Planning Association of Alberta’s (CPAA) conference in Red Deer. 

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘The Shift. What to Do When Things Change’.  Conference attendees heard from experts and colleagues across Alberta and Western Canada on how municipalities are adapting to change and how planning practices and approaches are shifting.

B&A team members Liisa Tipman, Nathan Petherick and Sonny Tomic shared several perspectives and best practices on the topic.

Urban Design and Place-making: From Vision to Implementation, Sonny Tomic

Sonny provided his views on the shift in desire for walkable communities with strong identity, character and unique public and private places. He discussed recommendations on best-practices and approaches for creating towns and cities that are vibrant, visually attractive, safe and accessible to all.

View Sonny’s Presentation

Evolution of Municipal Growth Planning and the Importance of Inter-Municipal Collaboration, Nathan Petherick &  Liisa Tipman

Nathan & Liisa shared their experiences and case studies on how Municipal Growth Planning, especially in relation to inter-municipal collaboration, is continuing to evolve. What was once an exercise in approximating urban growth requirements over a 30-year period has become an increasingly complex and detailed exploration of the economic, environmental and social factors to rationalize the need for urban expansion. They shared advice on how municipalities can best understand and approach strategies for growth and the role inter-municipal collaboration can play in achieving success.

View Nathan & Liisa’s Presentation

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