B&A Obtains Approval for Two Major Saskatchewan Projects

1697-Southeast-Regina-Neighbourhood-Plan-1697-thumbnail-21709-East-Victoria-Concept-Plan-Thumbnail 2We are pleased to announce that Regina City Council provided full support for the Southeast Neighbourhood Plan (SENP) and the East Victoria Concept Plan (EVCP) on September 26, 2016.

Over the past three years, B&A managed the successful development of these plans leading a project team comprised of a diverse range of technical and professional consultants. B&A also developed and executed comprehensive communications and engagement plans and tactical approaches to support these planning initiatives.  Many meaningful conversations occurred amongst the project team and the City of Regina Administration, as well as key stakeholders including the Arcola East Community Association, School Boards, the Province of Saskatchewan, the RM of Sherwood and the broader community.

The SENP, spanning just under 2000 acres, brought together 18 different landowners to reach consensus on an overall structure plan to guide the development of the Southeast Sector of the City. Full build out of the plan area is estimated to accommodate 18,000 people and approx. 5,000 jobs.

The EVCP comprised the northern portion of the SENP area is just under 250 acres and brought together six different landowners to establish a cohesive development vision for this portion of the area. The EVCP is earmarked for the development of Regina’s newest regional commercial hub set to commence construction in 2017.

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